Inflation in Bangladesh falls slightly in December

Dhaka, Jan 5 – The inflation rate declined by 0.23 percent on a point-to-point basis in December 2020 as it came down at 5.29 percent last month from 5.52 percent in November 2020.

“The general point-to-point inflation rate in December, 2020 eased to 5.29 percentage points,” said Planning Minister MA Mannan on Tuesday.
The minister disclosed the monthly consumer price index of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) at a press briefing after the Ecnec meeting held at the NEC conference room in the city.
According to the index, the food inflation declined to 5.34 percent in December from 5.73 percent in the previous month, but the non-food inflation rate slightly increased to 5.21 percent last month from 5.19 percent in November 2020.
In the rural areas, the general inflation rate declined to 5.28 percent in December from 5.55 percent in the previous month.
In the urban areas, the general inflation rate also eased to 5.31 percent in December from 5.47 percent in the previous month.
The point-to-point national wage index witnessed an uptrend with 6.15 percent in December against 6.10 percent in November 2020, as per the BBS data. – UNB