Instagram, Facebook down for users globally

Instagram and Facebook apps are currently not working for users globally. While most features of both Facebook and Instagram are working, the main issue appears to be the feed not loading.On Instagram, features like Stories and the main feed are working fine. But the feed of user profiles aren’t loading at all. Instagram instead flashes a message saying that something is wrong. Interestingly, the feed of business profiles and verified profiles are loading without any issue. Some users have tweeted saying that they cannot log in to their accounts or Stories aren’t loading on Instagram.
According to down detector, Instagram is down in parts across the world including India. Instagram users naturally took to Twitter to complain about the issue. This also led to #instagramdown becoming the top trending hashtag on Twitter in India. Instagram has not updated on the situation as yet. As for Facebook, the app is working fine on our end but some users are reportedly facing issues in the UK,, reports Hindustan Times.