Int’l virtual theatre festival showcases Swapnadal’s ‘Dakghar’

Dhaka, Jan 26 – Renowned Bangladeshi theatre troupe Swapnadal showcased the adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s play ‘Dakghar’ by its Production Laboratory Theatre on Tuesday, in a ten-day international online theatre festival titled Antaranga Natyamela 2021, arranged by Indian theatre organization Baksha Bratya Natyajan.Directed by Swapnadal founder and chief secretary Zahid Repon, the recorded version of the play was streamed on Swapnadal’s official YouTube channel at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, as part of the festival.
Besides Swapnadal, theatre troupes from Nepal and France also participated in this international virtual theatre festival.
Dakghar, an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s well-known play, is the 6th production of Swapnadal. The story of the play revolves around a little boy named Amal, who is suffering from an incurable disease and remains confined to a room in his adopted uncle’s house on doctor’s orders. He stands in the yard and talks to passers-by and asks them about the places they go to. With desires to join the children playing in the street, Amal passes his lonely moments seated beside his window.
Upon hearing that a new post office is constructed nearby, Amal fantasizes about receiving a letter from the king. The village headman mocks Amal and pretends that the child has received a letter from the king promising that his royal physician will come to treat him. The physician eventually arrives with a herald to announce the imminent arrival of the king, but Amal dies before the arrival of the physician.
Organized by the Indian theatre organization Baksha Bratya Natyajan in association with the Cultural Affairs Ministry in India, the ten-day Antaranga Natyamela 2021 began on January 17 and concluded on Tuesday with the virtual broadcasting of the play, under the category of the three-day international virtual theatre festival. – UNB