Islami Bank Capital Management Limited holds AGM

The 11th Annual General Meeting of Islami Bank Capital Management Limited (IBCML) was held on Tuesday, 4 May 2020 on a virtual platform. Professor Md. Kamal Uddin, PhD, Director of IBBL and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBCML presided over the meeting. It was attended by Md. Joynal Abedin, Directors of the Bank and IBCML, Muhammad Qaisar Ali and Md. Omar Faruk Khan, Additional Managing Directors of IBBL and Directors of IBCML, Md. Ashraful Haque, FCA, CFO of IBBL and Director of IBCML and among the shareholders Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Deputy Managing Director of IBBL, Md. Saleh Iqbal, RDS and UPDS Project In-charge of IBBL and Md. Altaf Hossain, Senior Executive Vice President of IBBL, Mohammad Abdur Rahim, FCA, Managing Director and CEO of IBCML, Abu Syed Md. Nahid, ACS, Company Secretary of IBCML among others.
The meeting unanimously approved the Financial Statements of IBCML for the year ended 31 December 2020. – Press release