JU decide not to admit disqualified wards

The authority of Jahangirnagar University on yesterday decided not to admit the disqualified wards of staffs of JU. The decision made in a meeting on yesterday in the presence of deans of all faculty and chairman’s of all department with the chair of Prof.Farzana Islam, Vice -Chancellor of JU.JU deputy register Mohhamad Ali(education) confirmed this.The general students of JU, who has been protesting against the ward quota, also welcomed the decision of not allowing the admission of disqualified quota and they suspend their ongoing movement. Welcoming the authority’s decision Associate Prof.Rayihan Rayin of Philosophy dept. said that “we hoped the authority shall introduce the equal admission policy and competition into the quota system”.Rejecting the authorities decision Abdur Rahamn Babul, secretary of officer’s association JU threaten the authority to go on tougher movement.Earlier, the officers and workers association of JU observed a work abstention programme on 17 February demanding the admission of their wards into the university, later they suspend the programme upon the assurance of vice-chancellor to consider their matter.On the other hands, general students and teachers continue protesting under the banner of “Chhara Shikkhok oikko manch” against the tradition of allowing disqualified wards admit into the university, They demanded not admit disqualified ward quota admission seekers, and to make a common policy for all quota and fixed its size.
This year, under the academic session of 2014-15, 96 out of 139 wards even failed to obtain pass mark (35 percent) and only one made to the merit list.Ward quota used to get privilege of getting admission into any department they choose by only attaining the pass mark and the quota size is also not specified. In 2011-12, 78 disqualified ward quota were admitted having 12 marks as grace, in 2012-13 one mark as grace, and in 2013-14 62 wards were admitted enjoyed 3 marks as grace.JONI ALAM ,JU CORRESPONDENT