Land grabbing rampant in Narail villagees

Land grabbing making fake documents is rampant in Narail villages. The
minority community people of the village Erenda, Kashipur, Basupati
and Kachubaria under Lohagara upazila of the district are the worst
victims. It is alleged that a group of culprits with the help of a
dishonest lawyer of Narail Judges Court are making fake and forged
documents and trying to uproot the hindu community people from their
land and dwelling places. As a result, utter sense of insecurity,
disillusionment and hopelessness are prevailing in them. Seeking
justice they organized demonstration and submitted memorandum to local
MP Brigadier General (rtd) SK Abu Baker, district council
Administrator advocate Subas Chandra Bose and police super Sardar
Rakibul Islam. All of them pledged of taking action against the land
grabbers. Meanwhile Brigadier General SK Abu Baker MP and police super
Sardar Rakibul Islam visited the area and reiterated their pledge of
taking action against the culprits.
Some of the victims of land grabbing  identified as Anil Kumar Dutta,
Ashok Nandi, Arabinda Nandi and Promal Hore of Erenda village, Gopal
Dutta of Basupati village, Kishore Roy and Kamrul Zamaddar of
Kachubaria village have made an appeal for remedy to the authority
Anil Kumar Dutta, 52, a secondary school teacher said, Sona Mia,45,
and his brothers son of Abdul Hamid of Padmabila village are claiming
his 8.3 acres of ancestral land. I have procured the photocopies of
their fake documents in which they showed that they had bought it from
my great grandfather in 1967. But in fact, my great grandfather died
in 1926. I have learnt that a lawyer of Narail Judge Court expert in
making fake document made the documents for the land grabbers in
exchange of a huge amount of money. A few years ago this lawyer lost
his government job for taking bribe.
Kishor Roy, 43, of Kachubaria village said, Jaber  Hossain, a retired
policeman of Kachubaria village has made fake documents and claiming
our 5 acres of land which is in our possession ancestrally.
Pramal Hore of Erenda village said, we knew that real estates are not
to be robbed and snatched but this idea is outdated now in our area.
We have to spend a lot of money for challenging the illegal claims of
the culprits in the judge court.
While contacted, police super Sardar Rakibul Islam confirmed the
matter and said, police is to foster the oppressed and to punish the
criminals. Recently I have visited the area for two times. The
criminals should be taught a good lesson within a short time.
Meanwhile two of the culprits have been caught and sent into jail
through the court, he added.
(Our Correspondent)

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