Legal notice to PM: Tarique gives 15 more days

Opposition BNP vice chairman Tarique Rahman extended 15 days for the Prime Minister to reply to his legal notice  sent on January 2 to withdraw her ‘false’ remark.

On Wednesday, Tarique’s lawyer Barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokon said, “The prime minister is yet to answer after passing 28 days.

So, the BNP vice chairman gave her additional 15 days to withdraw her remark. The letter regarding time extension was sent to Prime Minister Office.”

In the notice, pointing to the premier, he also said that legal measures would be taken if the remark is not withdrawn by 28 days along with apology.

The notice was sent to PMO through post office and Sundarban Currier Service on Wednesday noon, he added.

Mahbub Uddin said, “The Prime Minister, in her speech, a Moulvibazar rally was held on December 1, said Khaleda says her sons lead honest life. But on the same day, the money which laundered by them were returned to the country. They are leading luxurious life there. From where the money comes if there is no corruption?”

“PM said that Khaleda’s sons have owned restaurant, house and car abroad. Has the money come from scraped Suitcase?  Tarrique is leading luxurious life in London using the money which laundered during BNP government’s tenure,” Tarrique’s lawyer added.

Different media published the PM’s remarks which damaged the credibility of Tarrique Rahman among the people, Mahbub Uddin

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