Lockdown: CPB Youths respond as food crisis looms in Faridpur

Faridpur, Apr 9:  A group of youth is reaching out to the people in need in Faridpur town at night, feeding as many people as they can amid the coronavirus lockdown. Activists of the Communist Party and the Chhatra Union are distributing packets of hotchpotch (khichuri) among the helpless people throughout the town.
The government enforced a week-long lockdown to contain the transmission of coronavirus. It has been strict at some places and lax at others.
Daily wage earners and day-labourers were out on the street from day one. Last year’s months’ long ‘general holiday’ had depleted people’s savings and threw millions out of jobs.
Many feared that they would have to go hungry if a strict lockdown is enforced this year too. Although the number of daily infections and deaths have shot up to record highs, people are still reluctant to follow health guidelines, making it difficult for the government to contain the virus.
“The less fortunate among us are facing a tough situation during the lockdown. Many are finding it hard to feed themselves. We’re trying to feed as many of these helpless people as possible,” said Chhatra Union’s Faridpur Unit President Abrab Nadim Etu.
For the last three days, the young men are providing food to the floating and helpless population at various spots, including Bhanga Raastar Mor, New Market area, bus terminal and railway station.
It is a welcome move for the people who would have otherwise gone hungry.
Etu said the initiative is being self-funded.
“We collected the fund from members of Chhatra Union and Communist Party. We’ve provided food to around 250 people,” he said. “Our food distribution initiative will continue,”reports UNB.