Maldives extends ban on new Bangladeshi labour recruits

Economic Development Ministry of Maldives extended a ban on entry of new Bangladeshi labourers to Maldives for a period of one year, as the restriction’s September 18 deadline draws closer.Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail said that in 2019, they had affixed a quota of 150,000 individuals per country being able to reside in the Maldives at any given time, reports The Edition, an English-language online news outlet in the Maldives.
Since Bangladeshi immigrants already exceed this quota, at the present time, workers can only be brought from countries other than Bangladesh, he said.
The restrictions, however, do not apply to professional-level employees, he added.
Maldives Immigration revealed that 63,000 immigrants out of the 144,607 that entered the country under work visas are currently residing illegally.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed on Monday that the number of undocumented Bangladeshi citizens repatriated till date has now reached 5,049.
Authorities estimated earlier that approximately 20,000 workers will be sent back to their home countries by the end of 2020. – UNB