Ministry source of corruption, lawyers not involved: SCBA

Admitting that there is corruption in the judiciary, Supreme Court Bar Association SCBA general secretary Barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokon on Wednesday claimed lawyers are in no way involved in it. Addressing a press conference at SCBA auditorium, he also described the Law Ministry as the source of corruption in the judiciary.
The press conference was organised following the release of findings of the Transparency International Bangladesh TIB report ‘Global Corruption Barometer-2012’.
The TIB report released on Tuesday says political parties and police are the most corrupt sectors in Bangladesh followed by the judiciary.
The SCBA general secretary said, “We think TI report is correct… there’s corruption in the judiciary. However, it’s limited among some judges and administrative officials. They’re supported by the Law Ministry.”
He, however, said, “There’s no scope for lawyers to engage in corruption although they are part of the judiciary.”
Barrister Mahbub said although it is said the judiciary is independent, in reality the Law Ministry controls the judiciary lower court. “It’s the Law Ministry which job of the appointment of judges to the lower court, their transfer and taking action in case of the breach of discipline.”
Describing the TIB findings about the judiciary vague, he said, it’s not proper to make widespread allegations of corruption in the judiciary. “It’s not appropriate to blame all the judges for any financial corruption done a by a SC or lower court judge. If there’s any specific allegation, it must be published.” – UNB

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