Mominul welcomes ‘new normal’ of ICC

Dhaka, May 10: Bangladesh Test captain Mominul Haque though rued for the bowlers, welcomed the temporary rule
changes by the International Cricket Council (ICC).In the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19, the ICC has imposed some rules as recommended by its cricket committee, notably on
the ban of using saliva to shine the ball.
Mominul said that before the invention of a COVID-19 vaccine, cricketers have to adjust with the `new normal’ as imposed by
the ICC.
“As we have nothing to do at this moment, we have to adopt with the new changes because the risk of infection is higher,”
Mominul told the reporters on Wednesday.
“The bowlers will suffer as they are not allowed to use saliva. So it is tougher for them to shine the ball. However you
have to adjust with it for the sake of the safety,” he added.
He urged all to cope with the new normal to facilitate the return of cricket, saying you can stay here like this as a
“We don’t know when the virus will go away. It is better to welcome the changes, we have to stay alert and maintain the
safety standards because we don’t know for how long we will remain in such situation,” he remarked.
The ICC also allowed COVID-19 replacement in Tests, in case of a player showing symptoms of infection while playing a
match, but Mominul was a bit doubtful about it.
“I don’t how it will work,” he said. “Sometimes, it takes three days before the symptoms starts to show and often a Test
match ends in three days.”
“But I think if a player is found infected while playing a Test match, both the teams and officials will be sent to
quarantine. So the players’ check-up before match is very important.”