Movement till the resignation of Government: Rizvi

Bnp joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed said on Monday that the blockade programme of the 20-Party Alliance would continue till the resignation of the Government.
Rizvi conveyed the message by issuing a statement. For the last few days since his escape from Apollo Hospital where he was taken under police guard after being picked up from Bnp’s celtral office on Saturday (Jan 03) night he used to talk to reporters at undisclosed places in the city.
He said that the movement is being pusrued under a dangerously repressive rule only to restore democracy in the country. He said it would not stop till the voting right of the people is established through the resignation of the government.He urged the leaders and workers of the Bnp-led 20-Party Alliance to continue peaceful movement till the fall of the government.
He said that supporters of the blockade were on the side of truth and justice. They are fighting against the repressive state power. The only purpose was to restore the voting right of the people, he said.
Accusing the ministers and Awami League leaders of abusing Bnp chief Khaleda Zia and Senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman in foul language he said he condemned those. He said the people would one day give reply to their indecent statements.
Rizvi said that leaders and workers of Bnp from all over the country were being arrested every day. ‘Terrorists of the ruling party are carrying out acts of sabotage and blaming those on the opposition political parties. False cases are being filed against the opposition, he said.
Stating that the movement cannot be suppressed through the filing of fabricated cases and jailing opposition activists, Rizvi called for withdrawal of all such cases and unconditional release of arrested leaders and workers. – Staff Reporter