Nazrul Confce begins in Barisal

A  two-day long division level national Nazrul Conference started in
Barisal at Ashwini Kumar Hall of the city on Friday.
Participants at the programme said they should convey the message of
humanity and dignity that Nazrul reverberated in his poetry to the
world and find the relevance of Nazrul’s poetry in the present world
marked by violence.
The programme has been organized by the Nazrul Institute under the
ministry of cultural affairs.
At the inauguration ceremony of the conference a procession from
central Shaheed Minar area to the conference venue and a discussion
meeting was held in the morning.
Shahidul Alam, deputy commissioner, Barisal presided over the
inaugural function addressed among others by Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam,
professor emeritus and chairman Nazrul Institute Trustee Board, Rashid
Haider, executive director, Nazrul Institute, Advocate Talukdar Md.
Yunus, AL lawmaker, Mahbuba Mushkur, joint secretary of the cultural
ministry, Advocate S M Iqbal, cultural activist and Khikhil Kazi,
descendant of National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poetry inculcates the triumph of humanity, while
his music soothes the senses with its embrace of eternal love, said
eminent Nazrul exponent, researcher and chairman of the Nazrul
Institute Trustee Board, Professor Rafiqul Islam.
Nazrul was born in West Bengal, but has deep relations with East
Bengal. He was also connected with Barisal, the southern region
through the Sher E Bangla A K Fazlul Huq, the eminent political figure
of undivided India and Bengal and a native of Barisal.
Nazrul, the outspoken poet and activist for freedom influenced the
literary world and war of liberation of Bangladesh with his poetry,
music, philosophy and revolutionary ideas.
Nazrul wrote poetry of love and freedom without any discrimination,
but also condemned oppression and bigotry through his writings. His
unique humanitarian vision made him popular in both Bangladesh and
India and being named the National Poet of Bangladesh and being
remembered and honoured in India, told Prof. Rafiqul Islam.
We need more study and research on life and works of the poet and
initiatives to introduce Nazrul’s literary works to the world,
especially to the English-speaking world, the Nauru expert opined
Khilkhil Kazi said Nazrul not only a poet, prose writer, novelist, but
his songwriting abilities allowed him to compose approximately three
thousand songs.
Nazrul was a great writer of the world, national poet of a sovereign
country, but study on his life and works are yet to be spread on grass
roots level, especially among the young generation, Khilkhil said.
She called for arranging observance of Nazrul Joyonti in national
level every year.
On the first day Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Syed Dulal, Poet Asma
Chowdhury, Prof. Kazi Nazrul Islam discussed the life and works of the
Khalid Hossain, Lina Taposhi Khan, Selina Hossain, famous Nazrul
Sangget singers, recitation artist Mahi, different singers and
musicians of Nazrul Institute, participated in the cultural
performance part of the programme.
(Our Correspondent)

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