New gas field discovered in Comilla

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (Bapex) announced discovery of a new gas field in Srikail of Cumilla’s Muradnagar upazila on Tuesday.

The digging began on October 28 last year at Srikail East-1 gas field, the country’s 28th gas field.

“After four months, Bapex found a gas layer last night (8pm),” said Mohsinur Rahman, in-charge of the gas field.

Bapex, the state owned gas and oil exploration entity, says it expects to produce 20 million cubic feet per day from the gas field located 3,065 metres below the surface.

Analysis is being done to estimate the gas reserve, water and gas pressure to make the gas field ready for production. The production work will start after a five-day experiment.

Currently, the gas pressure is 2,000 PSI, which is comparatively higher than other gas fields, said the in-charge.

There is a process plant near the gas field. A 10km pipeline will be constructed, he said, adding that Bapex is considering the discovery as a light of hope amid news that the country’s gas reserve will be exhausted soon.

source: UNB