Nine brick kiln owners fined for violating rules

Department of Environment (Enforcement) has been fined Tk 18 lakh to against nine brick-fields in Habiganj to prevent air pollution on Sunday.Director of Department of Environment (Enforcement) yesterday called owners and representatives of brick-fields at the Dhaka office on the basis of local complaints and awarded fine,   a press release of Department of Environment said.
The department has ordered these brick-fields to renew their licences converting to environment resilient modern technology .
Nine brick-fields use two ‘Jigjak’ and seven 120 feet-long air pollution Chimney without taking the licence from the Department of Environment
These brick-fields are Ms New Metro Bricks, Ms Dayal Bricks, Ms Metro Bricks, Ms Sagar Bricks, Ms Bharasha Bricks, Ms Nodi Brickfield, Ms Shatata Bricks, Ms New Polash Bricks and Sujat Bricks, DoE sources said.
On the other hand, the Ms Ahmad and Company has established their brick-field on additional two acres of crop land   without environmental licences at Shamrai in Dhaka. The department fined Tk one lakh for their offensive activities and ordered them to convert their brick-field by introducing environment friendly modern technology.
The Director (Monitoring and Enforcement) Md Alamgir said, a number of brick-field owners do not consider the environmental damages caused by air pollution as threats to people. In the region, the members of the public should be aware of the need to prevent contamination of air.  Enforcement of environment conservation law will continue to  prevent air pollution, he mentioned.
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