No reckless decision, govt seeks to destabilise country: BNP

Dhaka, Dec 06 – Accusing the government of “conspiring” to destabilise the country to cling to power, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday cautioned his party colleagues not to take any reckless decision.

“This government has destroyed Bangladesh. Now, it’s started a new conspiracy. After vandalising our BNP office in Kushtia yesterday (Saturday), our general secretary’s business establishment there was torched,” he said.
Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader said, “It’s part of a deep-rooted blueprint. They (ruling party) want to destabilise Bangladesh again and torture the soldiers of democracy by shifting blame onto them for what they didn’t do.”
Pro-BNP student leaders of Dhaka University Central Students Union (Ducsu) and All-Party Students Unity (Apsu) of the 90s arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, marking the ‘Democracy Day’, commemorating the fall of autocratic ruler HM Ershad.
Meanwhile, miscreants vandalised an under-construction sculpture of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Kushtia city early Saturday. The face and hands of the sculpture were damaged.
In an oblique reference to the incident, Fakhrul said no one, except the Awai League (AL) men, can carry out such a misdeed at this time of its rule. “You (AL) can do it in a bid to hang onto power by creating a chaotic situation.”
Pointing at BNP leaders and activists, he said they must go forward through a tough struggle to reach the desired goal. “Keep it in mind that you’ll never be disappointed and never be reckless. We’ve to move forward with patience instead of taking any imprudent decision.”
The BNP leader said democracy cannot be restored within a short time. “It’s a long process. It took a long time to achieve victory in the movement for the restoration of democracy in the 90s. This path is very bumpy, we’ve to cross it.”
He said BNP has a big responsibility to rescues the nation from the current dangerous situation of the country. “People in rural areas are waiting for a call for bringing a change (in power). That call is coming. We all must get ready for it.”
Fakhrul urged the young generation to come forward to establish the truth and justice defeating unfairness and ugliness.
“I believe that young people can change society. People now want a change. You’ve to bring this change. I hope that our young people will make the impossible possible with their talent and courage,” he observed.
The BNP leader said their party will celebrate the golden jubilee of the country’s independence next year to uphold the spirit of the Liberation War. “The ruling party will also celebrate it. The difference is that they’ll celebrate the golden jubilee destroying democracy, the main spirit of the Liberation War.”
Fakhrul said Awami League was never a democratic party. “Democracy isn’t there in their blood and their DNA. Only repression and suppression are there in their DNA.” – UNB