Only 2 annual exams at secondary level

The government has decided to hold only two ‘terminal’ examinations instead of the usual three to increase class duration at the secondary level education.Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Department Director-General Prof Fahima Khatun told the decision was taken in accordance with the new curriculum following recommendations from the National Curriculum and Textbooks Board (NCTB) experts.

“This will be implemented from the current academic year,” she said.

Previously, secondary-level students, from Class VI to X, required to pass an annual examination after two periodic examinations to go on to the next class.

According to Khatun, the two examinations according to the latest decision would be held in June and December. The two tests would last 12 days each. “Now on, teachers will be able to give more time to their classes.”

She said changes would be made to the current schedule to introduce the new regulations.

Khatun said after the proposal was recommended by the experts, several meetings were held with teachers and principals of various institutions, who backed the proposed changes.

The Education Ministry officials said the tendency to cram books had decreased since most of the secondary examinations were now creative in nature. That is why, to stress on more classes, one terminal examination has been cancelled.

Seeking anonymity, an Education Ministry official told the new regulation would lower the burden of exams on children. “An office order will soon be issued in this regard.”

After long 17 years, the NTCB introduced 104 new textbooks at primary and secondary levels from this year’s curriculum.

Textbooks were handed over to children on the New Year Day.

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