Pahela Baishakh in fashion

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bengali New Year turned out to be one of the best festivals in Bangladesh. As the Bangladeshi people began celebrating the day as their prime festival, the fashion houses of the country leave no stone unturned to make it unique one.

Rang Bangladesh’s Baishakh ensemble

Country’s fashion house Rang Bangladesh has come up with some unique collections to celebrate the Bangali’s prime festival Pahela Baishakh. This brand always promotes Bengali culture and heritage, and their Baishakhi ensemble is no exception in this regard! Rang Bangladesh’s Baishkahi line comprises of sarees, punjabis, salwar kameezes etc.
White and red colour has been the traditional colour of this occasion. The fashion house gave this colour a priority while designing their dress and at the same time, they use multi colours like meroon, off white, blue, orange mejentra, golden yellow, green, firoza, olive, coffee, pink, pest and many more colour to make a difference.
Nakshi katha, Kayum Chowdhury’s art of line, alam (one kind of Tribe attire) has been used as the motifs of the wardrobe.
For female, they have brought up saree, blouse, single kameez, salwar kameez, skirt-tops, palazzo, dopatta, unstitch dress and others while for male there are shirts, punjabi, t-shirts. For kid they have the collections like salwar-kamij, single kamij, frock, punjabi, t-shirt and shirt.
They have the collection of family dress and couple dress, based on a similar theme.
Screen print, block print, handwork, karchupi, machine embroidery, tie and die was used as value added media in their Baishakh collections.
They have used cotton, lilen, tat, slab, muslin, halfsilk, finecotton, andicotton, voil as the cloths.
For all female dress, the price range is from 300-1550 while male dresses price range is from BDT 400-1550. Kids dress and gift items are also at affordable price.
The dresses are available all of their outlets in the country.

Kay Kraft’s Baishakh

The country’s most prominent fashion house Kay Kraft has created local dresses for this year’s festival of Crafts, for the popularity of people’s art.
Pahela Baishakh is one time of the year when commercial establishments launch new collections and special offers, and Kay Kraft is certainly not lagging behind in this race. Kay Kraft’s Baishakh collection this year consists of panjabi (long, semi-long, and short), salwar kameez, sari, women’s tops, including ‘fatua,’ fusion Kurti, tops with coti, two part Kurti, Long Kurti, regular kurti, Tops, tops- Scart , and kids’ wear. For all the product categories, materials used were mostly indigenous fabric, such as cotton, silk, Dupioni, and muslin, woven through the means of hand-loom, power loom and semi-power loom. The dominant colours of this collection are the traditional crimson, ivory-white, beige, magenta, and violet. Kay Kraft includes a splash of mustard-yellow, cobalt-blue and parrot-green to add the necessary distinction to its offered clothing. Designs and cuts are mostly traditional, providing a much needed relief from the over-used asymmetrical cuts and long Pakistani attires.
Nasir Ahmed, General Manager at Kay Kraft said that in an attempt to highlight the Bangladeshi cultural and heritage, an extensive use of folk motifs was made in all the products.
Kay Kraft also used ethnic motif, Nakshi Kantha, Gujarat, Ikkat, Kashmiri stitch Motif on their Baishakhi collection.
Comfortable, timely and festive, you will be able to find out your perfect wardrobe at all Kay Kraft outlets’ on the occasion of Baishakhi festival.

Le Reve Pahela Baishakh Collection
On occasion of this year Paahela Baishakh Le Reve, famous Bangladesh’s apparel & lifestyle brand, is presenting vivid range of dresses for men, women and kids. Le Reve Baishakh 2019 collection is inspired from our country’s traditional folklores.
“‘Folk’ means people and ‘lore’ means unwritten stories, riddles, superstitions, proverbs, and songs of a culture, which created a wave of Fresh inspiration of Fashion Trend for us this Baishakh 2019 to Offer. So it is clear that folklore is the creation of people’s artistic mind. Our Collection represents our society’s ethnicity, culture, tradition of the season of Baishakh having a mix of warm & traditional colors, Batik Prints, Folk Mixes, Flamingo Reds, Tired Border Patterns, Black-White-Reds, embroidery, open work, layers and ruffle’s, ” said, Monnujan Nargis, Head of Design of Le Reve.
“Geometric & Floral Baishakh motif and color has been created in salwar kamiz, kurta, Panjabi, fotua by karchupi with tie dye, batik, block & chunri with hand and machine embroidery inspired by Latino Folk-Mexican styling which merges with Blooming Flora references,” she stated.
Monnujan Nargis, Head of Design of Le Reve presents our latest collection with Layered, Draped & Tired Silhouettes & A-Line shapes and free-flowing fabrics prevail like Rayon, China Silk & Modal-Cotton mixes, while folk & Geometric patterns and bold hues live side-by-side with sun-faded pastels and time-honoured International Forecasted styling. The Baishakhi Mela is a unique festival, which has been created by a generation of Bangladeshi people who want to celebrate the Bangla New Year.
Along with customary red and white Le Reve used bright and vivid, with Peppermint, Flamingo, Pistachio, Sunny Yellow, Cherry and Horizon which is also current international peak summer colour trend. Collection is made using mostly cotton and cotton blends, keeping hot season in mind & further adding, Varied Prints, Handwork, Chiffon, Muslin cotton, Lycra blends and Satin combo, Voile, Modal Blends and Rayon blends as fabric.
“As for new Launch we have introduces new prints in Men’s T-Shirts/ Shirts & Women’s Stylings of Tunics with exclusive range of Sarees. Basic sets of clothing such as varied formal as well as casual Culottes, Palazzos &Tired/A-line Skirts for Women’s and for Men’s We have New Dobby’s & Motif stylings in Panjabi & many more. We will bring these trendy printed T-Shirts for men &Layered/Draped tunics for women, Salwar Kamiz & Dupatta combo including the designated combos designed for Kids wear in this Baishakh with Folk blended Baishakh motifs and elements. So this Baishakh can be a great mix of national tradition with international trends,” she added.
“Our Pahela Baishakh Collection 2019 is available at all Le Reve outlets across Bangladesh. You can also check out the new collection at our website: &,” she concluded.

Nipun’s Baishakh Collection
Fashion House Nipun has left no stone unturned to make the Pahela Baishakh colourful one for their customers. Since the Pahela Baishakh has now been the universal festival for Bangladeshis regardless of the religion, ethnicity, culture, the fashion house tried its best to make their attires inimitable one. Nipun however always gives special priority on colour since they believe in making every festival colourful one. This year the trend doesn’t change indeed. Prioritizing the colour of Baishakh, they have brought Saree, Salwar-kamiz, Kurti, Punjabi, Shirt, Fatual. They have also brought up dresses for the kids. One thing is sure that Nipun put its utmost best to bring up difference in their wardrobe. Floral and Hungarian motifs are used as the motifs of Nipun’s Baishakhi dress while different pattern is visible in Salwar-Kamiz and Kurti. Apart from using colours like red, yellow, base, blue, orange to apply on the dress, they also used pestal colour. As a medium they have used screen print, block print, hand work and machine embroidery in their Baishakhi dresses.
Saree’s (tat and half silk) price range is from BDT 2000-500, Salwar-Kazmiz is from BDT 1800-4500, Fatual from BDT 450-750. Male’s punjabi is from BDT 850-2500, Shirt from BDT 400-750 and Fatual from BDT 450-750. Kids dress also is at convenient price.

Anjan’s Baishakhi wardrobe to make life vibrant
Famed fashion house of the country Anjan’s has earned the trust of the people over the year, showing the dedication and creativeness in designing the dress. That’s the reason they become the ‘fashion house to pick’ when any festival knocks at the door. With Bengalis prime celebration Pahela Baishakh knocking at the door, Anjan’s geared up to unleash some unique collections, as it is used to do always. As the demand of the mass people is enormous now, specially to Anjan’s, the fashion house leaves no stone unturned to fulfill for what the people are craving for. CEO Shahin Ahmed and Chief Designer of Anjan’s said that like other years, they come up with large and vast collection to give the people an opportunity to celebrate the festival with utmost passion. And as has been the case, the dresses of the Pahela Baishakh will be colourful to make the people’s life vibrant. “Giving the colours like red and white as major priority Anjan’s brings the Baishakh collection. But we have no reservation to use another colors also.” Their usual collections involve lots of ethnic designs true to our heritage, and as always all the new stuff is available in all the brand’s outlets. “We always work in common motifs like Zamdani, Nakhi Katha, floral, geometrics. This year we added Asian Floral motif. Besides the usual, the new collections feature on block, screen print and embroidery,” he added. This year Anjan’s worked on the dress of mother and daughter as well as the father and the son, which is unique on its own way, Shahin revealed. “We have all the ages’ family collection, this year we work on mother and daughter’s dress, Fathers and son’s dress, total family collection and specially friends’ collection,” he stated. “The focus for most clothes are mainly on the fabric, which give the dresses a nice sheen and structure, for minimalist yet elegant and dressy look. We use cotton and voile fabrics,” he mentioned.

Exclusive Baishakhi attires at Grameen UNIQLO
Grameen Uniqlo brings new exclusive collection for this year Pahela Baishakh as the customers demand a colorful wardrobe to celebrate Baishakh. Grameen Uniqlo brings new Exclusive designed Bashakhi collection for Young fashion Lover. Their main objective is to blowout the color and feel of Bangali tradition among the festive minded people of Bangladesh. The wardrobe that they brought up is traditional, yet trendy, much to the delight of the people. With colorful panjabi, Grameen Uniqlo’ Baishakh collection contains with variety of items. This includes dry printed polo, denim shirts, dye easy care shirts, denim stand collar shirts, linen stand collar shirts, linen short sleeve shirts, check shirts, ez pants, dry polo for boys. And for girls, they brought up colourful dresses like Baisakhi Amez kamis, tops, skents, palazzo, leggings, etc. The items for boys can be found from 390 to 1890 and girls items can be found from 390 to 1990.People can get all the Baishakh collection at its all outlets.

Megh’s Baishakh from Kids to Couples
Fashion house Megh has geared up for Pahela Baishakh in style. They have brought up Punjabi, t-shirt, fatua and frock for Kids and adults. What makes their collections different is that they have brought up same designed and colour’s dress from all members of the family and couples. They have sales center in Aziz Super Market in Shahbagh , Dhanmondi Metro Shopping Mall, Mirpur Shopping Center and Mouchak Center Points. Mobile: 01611634423. Facebook: meghfashionbd

Banglar Mela’s splendid Baishakhi Collection
Fashion house Banglar Mela has spread out the mood of this season change with there splendid Baishakh collection. The most traditional and main glamour of Pahela Baishakh, “Mongol Shovajatra”, is the main theme of this season’s baishakh attire of all ages of people.
Due to summer season, they gave special priority on fabric and color. This is why cotton fabric has been used more this time. They are very concerned about the color and cuts, so that the clothes are made as much comfortable as possible. For men’s punjabi jayashree silk, andy, cotton, very own weaved multi-striped khadi materials have been used. These new trendy punjabis will be available in long, medium and short length. Many variations can be seen in fatuas, shirts, half shirts. Saree has always been one of the biggest attractions of Banglar Mela. Silk, andy, half silk, cotton and tangail saree will be available for Boishak. Many designs and variations are there in salwar kamiz zone. Along with andy cottons, jayashree silk you can also get karchupi, machine embroidered, handwork dresses. This collections are available in 11 branches of Banglar Mela across the country.