People suffer for lack of a bridge in Roumari

More than one lakh people have been  suffering  badly in absence of  a bridge at Jhagrarchar point in Roumari-Dantvanga Road at Roumari upazila in Kurigram district.Consequently people of all walks of life including traders, school going children, office goers are suffering badly.
Sources said, about 300 feet road at Jhagrarchar point in Raumari-Dantvanga road under the Roads and Highways Department
collapsed in flood water last year. Upazila administration made a bamboo bridge at the broken portion on a temporary basis.
More than one lakh people of Horindhara, Dharmopur, Kaiyarchar on the northern side of Jhagrarchar, Nauagram village and many people of several char areas of Ulipur upazila move through the bridge taking the risk of life. No vehicles can ply on the bridge and traders have to count extra transport costs.
The inhabitants of south Jhagrarchar village submitted an application signed by about 1500 people to the concerned Roads and Highways Department official demanding construction of a new bridge there.
Acting chairman of Dantvanga union council Abdul Gani told Our Correspondent that the problem has been faced repeatedly in the same place.
We applied on behalf of the union council to construct a sluice gate.
But the villager are divided on this and are prolonging the problem.
As a result the people have to move by the bamboo bridge taking risks.
Executive Engineer of Kurigram Roads and Highways Department (RHD) Hamidul Haque told journalists that the feasibility of the sluice gate has been studied through spot visit talking to the villagers. A project proposal of sluice gate has been prepared. The work will be given to Water Development Board authority to implement after getting approval and the allocation of fund in the month of November-December, he added.
(Our Correspondent)

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