‘present reality’ was far more grave than Amnesty’s Report

BNP has claimed Amnesty International’s report on human rights situation in Bangladesh is just a tip of the iceberg.BNP Standing Committee Member Moudud Ahmed while giving an official reaction to the rights body’s observation on Thursday said the ‘present reality’ was far more grave and intense.
“The prevailing violations have broken all past records. The Amnesty report only highlighted a segment of it. The reality is far more grave and intense.’
He, however, thanked the London-based international human rights organisation for throwing light on rights violations in Bangladesh in its report.
Amnesty International’s 2012 annual report pulled up Bangladesh for extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, even as it notes incidents of political and communal violence, violence against women, workers protests, and issues of indigenous people’s rights and death penalty.
“The country’s political scenario has been in a tumult since December and more violent incidents are erupting. Deaths and injuries took place during opposition enforced strikes”, the report stated.
The 300-page report published in London on Wednesday said RAB and police took part in 30 extrajudicial executions in Bangladesh during 2012, besides at least 10 cases of enforced disappearances, including that of BNP leader M Ilias Ali.
It also mentions four deaths in political violence, 111 deaths in the Tazreen Fashions Limited factory fire and execution of one along with 45 death sentences. Amnesty campaigns worldwide against death penalty.
It also said RAB and police distorted records to cover up torture and extra-judicial executions.
“Women are facing various abuses. Government has failed to prevent attacks on the settlements of small indigenous groups.”
The discussion titled ‘Democracy in crisis and fundamental rights’ was organised by Democratic Movement at the National Press club on Wednesday.
“What the police and activists of Chhatra League and Juba League (ruling Awami League affiliates) are doing in the village areas are beyond description. It is far more intense than what Amnesty has portrayed. We believe the number of extrajudicial killings is more than what has been stated. ”
“If the government is asked about Amnesty’s report, it will probably dismiss the findings as baseless and untrue. It never admits it fault.”
Moudud also questioned the legality of the Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir’s order prohibiting all forms of rallies.
“There are no democratic rights in the country, there is no such thing as fundamental rights. He (Alamgir) must explain as to which law has authorised him to give such an order.”
“We believe democracy in this country has been strangled by the Home minister’s order.”
The former law minister claimed the government has dominated the judiciary too alleging that “the judges are not free even though the judiciary is independent.”
The government has been imposing a one-party rule, he added.

Sources: UNB Connect

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