Repair Shailmari bypass, Gallamari highway

Communication and economic development of southern part of Khulna
region have slowed down due to dilapidated condition of a bypass road
and a highway in Batiaghata upazila of the district.
Repair of the bypass road of Shailamari Bridge and Gallamari-Chalna
highway of the upazila, which lie in a shabby state for long, has
become an urgent need.
Heavy rainfall has corroded the sand made bypass road in several
places turning it risky for public use.
The people of the region have to move along the rundown bypass road
and highway amid risks of life, which is time consuming also for them.
Local people have demanded immediate repair of the infrastructures.
The then Awami League government planed to construct the 25,968 metre
long PC Guarder bridge over the Shailamari river on the Khulna-Chalna
Highway in Batiaghata upazila in 1999-2000 at a cost of Tk18.47 crore
to establish communication between Khulna and southern region and
bring out economic development.
In the face of the demand of thousands of people of
Dakope-Batiaghata, Deluti, Dumuria and Paikgaccha, the bridge was
constructed by Dhaka Sanguine Engineers Ltd with the finance of Asian
Development Board.
In the second phase, Ms Enamul Huq Enterprise built the super structure.
As the prices of construction materials rose, the firm did work worth
Tk1.58 crore and gave remaining amount as penalty.
Later, with the change of the government, money for the bridge was
allocated in different modes.
When five per cent work was left to be done, the construction of super
structure was hampered due to flaws.
Afterwards, due to incessant rain, sand and pitch wore away causing
severe damage to the bypass road of the bridge and Gallamari-Chalna
At the advent of rainy season, condition of the bypass road takes a
deteriorating turn.
Especially, the bypass road of the bridge has become risky.
(UNB, Khulna)

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