Unrest at Opsonin minimsed thru tripartite talks

Worker’s strike and agitation to press home their 12-point demands for
increasing service benefits at 3 factories of Opsonin group of
industries in Barisal has been minimised after 24 hours following
tri-partite negotiations between the workers, management and labour
directorate on Wednesday afternoon.
The agitated workers on Wednesday morning demonstrated in front of the
Opso-Sailine, Opso-Pharma and Global Capsule factories.
The workers formed human chain in front of Opso-Pharma erected
effigies of management, vandalized six three wheelers and rickshaws
demanding release of the arrestees and treatment of the workers
injured by police during movement for pressing home 12-point demands
on Tuesday.
Later police controlled the situation.
Saidur Rahman Khan, administrative officer of Opsonin group, one of
the major pharmaceuticals and chemical industries in the country, told
workers and management of Opsonin Group, decided to resume production
at Opso-Saline and Global Capsule factories from Thursday.
Opso-Pharma would be reopened after repairing the heavy damages that
were caused by the workers on Tuesday, he added.
The negotiations took place after Mr. Paritosh, representative of
labor directorate Khulna region, Abdur Rahman Tamal, Zafar Ahmed,
assistant general managers (administration) of Opsonin group, local
official of the company, law enforcing agencies and the eight selected
workers representatives from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Wednesday.
He assured workers to increase salary, benefits and asked them not to
take any action or  movement.
According to the agreement monthly salary of permanent workers
increase with facilities of leave with pay in emergency need, increase
of daily wage for temporary workers, Tiffin allowance would be payable
with monthly salary,   providing health service in case of illness of
the workers and assurance no-action for participation in the movement
etc, said Md Hasib, one of the worker’s representatives.
Representative of labor directorate Khulna region however said
problems would not the permanently solved until execution of labor act
and permitting trade union activities in the industries.
He identified causes the trouble as ignoring rules about recruitment,
appointment, wages and other facilities and benefits accorded under
labor law.
Mentionable workers of Opso-Pharma Tuesday vandalized the factory at
Bagura Road as the authorities denied to meet their longstanding
Police firing 110 rounds from shotgun, 20 round teargas cells,
injuring 20 and arresting 5 to controlled the situation.
The 12-point demands of the workers included appointment letter, job
permanency,  leave with pay, meal, medical benefits, stopping
dismissals of workers without any notice and follow rules of labor
(Our Correspondent)

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