Resolve custom valuation issues of imported cars: BARVIDA

Dhaka, Feb 13 – The members of Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association (BARVIDA) called upon the authorities to resolve the custom valuation problems for both new and reconditioned cars, for the sake of the sector’s development. They came up with it at the Annual General Meeting-2020 of the organisation in the city.
Addressing the meeting, BARVIDA President Abdul Haque said the present executive committee of the association is extending their effort to develop the reconditioned vehicle sector.
The committee is also working to solve the custom valuation problems of new and old cars,” he also said. To lead the nationalised trade organization, the President urged the young generation to come up with their IT knowledge and bold leadership.
Reading out a presentation on their previous year activities, Secretary General of BARVIDA Mohammad Shahidul Islam said the national trade organization in reconditioned Vehicles importing sector is contributing 85% of total car supply of the country for the last three decades.
“BARVIDA has been contributing a lion’s share in the country’s transport sector by supplying vehicles over the decades. Currently, around 900 enterprises under the BARVIDA membership are in operations across the country,” he added.
Shahidul added that the total investment in this sector is Tk 20,000 crore. More than 1 lakh people are employed in this sector directly or indirectly.
“The enlisted BARVIDA member companies pay a few thousand crore taka as revenue to the government in a year,” he also said.
The annual budget of the Association was approved by the members in the meeting, and the auditor for the year 2020-2021 was appointed as well. – UNB