Rihanna hits a fan at UK concert

The Umbrella hit maker has been caught on camera when she became violent and hit a fan in the face with a microhpone in a concert in Birmingham. The 25-year-old was performing in UK which was the latest stop of her Diamonds World Tour.During the gig, Rihanna got off the stage and started walking towards the audience and continued signing. Just when her over excited fans saw Rihanna so close, they tried grabbing her. And much to their dismay, Rihanna turned back and slammed her microhphone’s into one of the fan’s faces.
The entire incident was recorded by one of the fans and posted on Youtube.It has been reported that this was the same concert where Rihanna upset her fans by turning 2 hours late. She was apparently seen partying with model pal Cara Delevingne the night before.
Rihanna, who recently split with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is thinking of taking up a 12-week heartbreak therapy course.Well, Riri just because you are upset in your personal life gives you no right to upset others. Get well soon, girl.
(Source: Acencies)

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