RU students start leaving dormitories

Rajshahi, March 17 –  All educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed over novel coronavirus (COVID-19) fears. Rajshahi University will remain closed from March 18 to March 31 and the university authority asked the students to leave dormitories before 4 pm on Wednesday (March 18). The residential students started leaving dormitories from early Tuesday morning. Some by bus, some by train.
University public relation office administrator Professor Provash Kumar Karmokar said all educational institutions have been declared closed. If the situation does not come under control, then the next decision will be informed via notice. But the administrative activities will continue.
A residential student of Rokeya hall Mariam Khatun said Corona fears have been spread among the country. We are leaving the campus to stay safe from the virus. But we are not safe even at home. So, we have to be conscious always.
The novel coronavirus detected in China in November has spread all over the world. Now it is in Bangladesh too with detected cases 10 so far. – RU Correspondent