Sayeed Babu wants new beginning through ‘Naw Dorai’

Entertainment Desk
Popular face of the small screen Sayeed Babu has already acted in several movies. In last year’s Eid, he came into limelight acting in role of a villain in movie ‘Poramon-2’. Later, he concentrated to acting in big screen. Recently he acted in a challenging role in movie ‘Naw Dorai’. Tanim Rahman Angshu has made the movie.
Trailer of the film has already been published. Many persons believe that after releasing ‘Naw Dorai’ number of works of Sayeed Babu will increase. In fact, Sayeed Babu has already himself as a versatile actor.
Not only in films but also in the small screen Sayeed Babu is acting in challenging roles. Directors are showing their interest to take him in their works now. Sayeed Babu said, “Based on surfing for the first time in our country a movie ‘Naw Dorai’ has been made. I played in role of a surfer in the film.
It is a challenging role. While acting in this film I had to learn surfing and also had to learn regional language of Chattogram. I believe viewers will enjoy the film. I want to work in big screen because I want to explore my acting. ‘Naw Dorai’ will be released in October.”