Shakib provides ambulance for burial of corona victims

Dhaka, July 6: Ace all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan provided an ambulance to a social organization, named MASTUL in a bid to help them in burial process of deceased Coronavirus patients.MASTUL has completed the burial of 19 deceased Corona patients by renting an ambulance with their own funds and at one phase it was becoming quite difficult for them.
During a discussion with online fundraising campaign ‘Auction for Action, it’s founder Kazi Reaz said that if they had their own ambulance, they would be able to assist Corona patients and also in the burial of the Corona victims more easily.
This was brought to the attention of Shakib Al Hasan by Barrister Chisti Iqbal, Adviser to the Shakib Al Hasan Foundation (SAHF), who quickly decided to support the MASTUL Foundation to expedite the work.
In his facebook page, Shakib wrote: “The Shakib Al Hassan Foundation and the MASTUL Foundation have decided together that ambulance services should be provided to patients with Corona Virus as soon as possible. Alhamdulillah, we have come before you with this service. If you’re willing, you can also extend a helping hand to this service of MASTUL Foundation during this time of crisis in our country.”
He urged all to come forward with burial cloths, PPE, oxygen cylinders, masks, gloves.
“You too can stand with us in rising above this calamity in our country,” he wrote.