Smartphone: Google’s Moto X

Bet you thought the summer months were supposed to be quiet for product introductions? Not in the fast-moving mobile space where Google plays. Motorola has sent out invitations to a New York City launch event scheduled on August 1 for the U.S.-made Moto X smartphone. That debut promises to be the first major new device since Google bought the Motorola Mobility business. Google CEO Larry Page on Thursday teased interest for the phone’s imminent arrival during the company’s earnings call.
Motorola is also expected to be at the forefront of a Verizon Wireless media gathering on Tuesday in Gotham, where the latest Motorola Droid handhelds are expected to be unveiled.
Meanwhile, Google executive Sundar Pinchai, who runs the Android and Chrome businesses, is holding a press breakfast in San Francisco the next morning, with signs pointing to the unveiling of Android version 4.3, the latest iteration of the company’s operating system software for phones and tablets.
And on August 7, LG is staging its own Manhattan event and is likely to introduce the successor to its Optimus G flagship phone. LG can only hope that consumers won’t be tuned out by then. After all, isn’t this supposed to be vacation season?

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