Smuggled goods worth Tk 504 mn seized in July

Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in separate drives recovered drugs and other smuggled goods worth Tk 504 million from the bordering areas of the country in the month of July.The drug items include 9,41,380 Yaba tablets, 54,793 bottles of Phensidyl, 1,614 cans of beer, 2.37 kgs of heroin, 1,216 kgs of hemp, 15,771 simulative injections, 7,567 senegra tablets and 8,94,007 other contraband drugs.
Besides, BGB also seized 1.425 kgs of gold ornaments, 53.523 kgs of silver ornaments, 1,189 imitation jewellery and other goods including timber, clothes, firearms, tea, pick-up vans, auto-rickshaw, and motorbikes.
During this period, the BGB members arrested 261 people for their alleged involvement in smuggling, reports UNB.