Students demand cancellation of new Mathematics system

Hundreds of students from three of the leading high schools in
Manikganj formed a human chain and brought out a procession in the
town yesterday, demanding cancellation of the newly introduced
“creative” System in Mathmatics.
They formed the chain in front of the Manikganj Press Club in the
morning and then paraded the town’s main streets, urging the
government to cancel the “creative” method, saying they found it
difficult to understand. They also said their teachers were not
trained to explain the system properly.
Tamzid Chaudhury Joy, a grade 9 student of Manikganj Government Boys
High School, said he got A+ in mathematics in the Junior School
Certificate examination in grade 5, managed only 13 marks out 60 in
the written test, and 17 out of 40 objective questions, in mid-term
under the “creative” system.
A teacher of Manikganj Government Boys High School said many teachers
found the new system difficult.
Rebeka Jahan, Head Teacher of SK Government Girls High School, said
her school was the best as her students received all the 47 primary
stipends allocated for the district this year. But most of them failed
in mathematics in their grade 6 mid–term exams.
The Education Ministry introduced the system in schools last year.
Next year’s JSC mathematics exams, and the Secondary School
Certificate exams from 2015, will be held under the creative question
method. -Our Correspondent

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