Substandard iftar items flood Khulna city markets

Despite monitoring on markets by the Khulna City Corporation (KCC),
sub-standard Iftar items flooded the city markets during the first day
of Ramadan.
A section of traders are involved in selling low quality Iftar items
in various markets and footpath in the city.
Apart from established restaurants, the seasonal food markets set up
makeshift stalls in the lanes, by-lanes and streets this afternoon,
displaying various items since morning.
The food items, displayed in an organized manner on tables in front of
shops, are chhola, halim, beguni, piazu, alur chop, zilapi and
imported foods including low quality dates.
“Flooding the markets with adulterated food and coloured Iftar items
pose serious health hazard to the consumers”, Nadim  Alam, an officer
of Agrani Bank said.
“Mangoes, pineapple, bananas are being artificially ripened by using a
carcinogenic chemical called ethylene oxide and substandard date which
is being sold at the city’s market is dangerous for health”, said Dr
Farid Ahmed, Associate Prof of Khulna Medical College.
Two committees were formed to monitor the prices of essential
commodities and Iftar items during Ramadan, on July 8 at a meeting at
KCC’s conference room. -BSS, Khulna

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