Teixobactin with great hope!

Researchers at Northeastern University in Boston have discovered an unusual method for producing antibiotics from bacteria that live in dirt. According to the researchers’ report published in the journal Nature said the new powerful antibiotic-the Teixobactin as they named is capable of controlling severe infection without getting resistant. It may be mentioned here that most of the present-day antibiotics have become inactive to killing bacteria and this is a major problem around the globe. Teixobactin has reportedly been tested in mice which easily cured severe infections, with no side effects. A great hope indeed!However the researchers would need some more years to determine the effectiveness of Teixobactin on humans before it get final approval for release.
Meanwhile I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the researchers at Boston for accomplishing such a major success in antibiotic research. I sincerely hope that efforts would be intensified to get the testing task of Teixobactin on humans soon so that the new antibiotic could be released all over the world for the greater welfare of the suffering humanity.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University