The incumbents should learn from history

Many people say that the situation in Bangladesh is getting worse day by day. People find the situation of the incumbent government more critical compared to any time in the past. There is no democracy at all and we can call it an autocracy which is more dangerous than BAKSAL, according to many. Too many dangerous activities have been done by a section of the members of the Chattra League and the Juba League, but many more such stories have remained untold.It is a known that somen women students of Jahangir Nagar University have been subjected to rape by a section of members of the Chattra League. The situation is no better in other varsities. Torture cell was established in every hall in Agriculture University, Mymensingh where the members of Chattra Dal, BNP’s student associate, are subjected to torture. Recently they killed a student at the torture cell triggering a movement of students and teachers.
When a movement against the government was brewing in the Shylhet region, BNP leader Ilias Ali was abducted from Dhaka. Filling of innumerable cases against the leaders of BNP seems to be the main strategy to foil movement of the opposition. BNP has alleged that a sizeable number of BNP leaders abducted from different places remain untraced.
Civil society groups were very much worried that Abu Bakar Siddique, husband of a
renowned environmentalist Rizwana Hasan was kidnapped in the open daylight from near Narayanganj. Murder, snatching money and kidnapping are very common in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country.
One of my relatives is making a multi storied building together with his colleagues. But a very young boy, identifying himself as leader of the ruling party, is demanding a huge amount of money as extortion and all the items for constructing the building have to bought from shops of his choice. Prices of construction materials are higher at those shops compared to others. It is now very common that without paying extortion one cannot build a house or shop even at the upazila level. Only people belonging to the ruling party are getting jobs in all sectors.
The incumbents in power really merit accolade for such a feat!
Mawduda Hasnin