Third Media Appreciation Day & GOTV Oct 26 in NY

Dear ASAAL Media Partners:
You are cordially invited to join ASAAL’s Third Media (Dinner) Appreciation Day in honor of our local media owners, editors and all other personnel in print and electronic media for their selfless dedicated community outreach work. You are our community he/she-roes and you are our guests of honor!

As we are trying to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the consequential problems it creates we must lead our life under the New Normal. Faced with the most important election of our life time while our volunteers are campaigning in 17 States the rest of us are preparing to continue to show respect to our media partners.
This virtual event* is only to show our sincere appreciation for your hard work in bringing our news to the Community. Whether it is rain or shine you hand deliver community news to the door steps of our readers and even if paid or not paid, you air current news to our viewers locally and even across the globe! To us you are the best and together we plan to win big for our community and our future generations! Please join ASAAL at this historical event on:
Third Media Appreciation Day & GOTV Oct 26 in NY on Monday, October 26, 2020; 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at ASAAL Headquarters, 165-23 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432
We are inviting speakers who will speak on the importance of GOTV – Get Out The Vote on November 3rd at the General Election where we will be electing mainly the President of the United States Joe Biden, Pennsylvania Auditor General Dr. Nina Ahmad, and Texas District Council 31 Congresswoman Donna Imam. – Press release