Three British schoolboys visit Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Monowara Begum Moni
Oh nice, yells Hasib al Rashid, 12 at the first sight at the Porsche Porsche-Museum a, museum Architecture in book form. The Porsche museum itself is an architectural wonder of metal and glass.The traffic circle in front of the museum features a sculpture installed in the fall of 2015. Three different generations of white Porsche 911 models are mounted on 82-foot tall white metal spikes in the traffic circle. It creates a striking anchor for the centre of the Porsche universe, surrounded by the Porsche museum, the Zuffenhausen factory and the Porsche dealership for Stuttgart, Germany.
In front of the museum, the three spikes themselves represent three different places of significance for Porsche. One points to Gmünd in Austria where Ferry Porsche made the first cars under the Porsche name. Another is a nod to Porsche’s second plant in Leipzig, Germany.
The other recognizes Weissach, the centre of Porsche engineering and motorsports.
The Porsche Design BOOK ONE underlines the brand’s focus on technology and innovation, making new strides in the mobile computing segment.
With the “Museum on Wheels” Porsche is taking a route no one else has travelled. Even the classic vehicles in the museum’s collection are serving the purpose for which they were built in the first place: driving!
In the CUBUS, a gaming, modelling a car, Hasib could make with the virtual devices a car, colourings and setting the equipment according to his own choice. It was very exciting, expressed his Brother Tayeb al Rashid 15.
During the visit to the museum, they could test a drive with Porsche. Wow said the 6-year-old Omar al Rashid. It was regrettable why he could not ride alone and for a long time?
Children’s birthday party
Children can celebrate their birthday in the midst of a place with over 23,000 horsepower. They can become an engine expert, be creative and design the Porsche of the future, take a seat in a Porsche, test their Porsche in the mini wind tunnel or practice a race car driver changeover.
This past weekend Porsche celebrated ’70 years of Porsche Sports Cars’ in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany with an unveiling of the 911 Speedster Concept as well as revealing the name of its first all-electric sports car — the Taycan.
German automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche was born on September 3, 1875, in Maffersdorf, Austria. At a young age, he had an affinity for technology and was especially intrigued by electricity.
Fast. Pure. Emotive. For the past 70 years, the Porsche brand has been synonymous with sports car construction at the very highest level.
The “Porsche” company that made and sold cars to customers, Professor Ferdinand Porsche designed and engineered automobiles. In 1938.
Ferdinand Porsche had the vision and the engineering knowledge to make things happen. His famous quote is inscribed on a nearby wall –“In the beginning, I looked around but couldn’t find the car I dreamt of, so I built it myself.”
The future of Porsche sports cars is already coming up to the starting line in the form of the Mission E, the first purely electrically driven technology champion from Zuffenhausen.
Porsche has named its first fully electric sports the Taycan. Production is set to begin in 2019.
From the end of July to the beginning of September is the summer holidays in most of the European schools. Hasib, Tayeb and Omar came with their Father Harun al Rashid to visit south-west Germany. As they see very often Porsche cars in Londoner Street, arouse their interest to visit Porsche area in Stuttgart, Germany. They love the elegant lines Porsche models. They shot more photos and it remains in memory.
As Porsche fans the visit was worthwhile. In the museum, it showed all of the significant great winning racing cars in there. Furthermore, it shows and tells the advanced mechanical technology of

At the  Porsche Museum, in Stuttgart. Photo GreenWatch Dhaka
At the Porsche Museum, in Stuttgart. Photo GreenWatch Dhaka
Outside the  Porsche Museum, in Stuttgart. Photo GreenWatch Dhaka
Outside the Porsche Museum, in Stuttgart. Photo GreenWatch Dhaka

his era. The three brothers are happy to be in Stuttgart, Germany.
(The writer is the GreenWatch Dhaka Correspondent based in Germany)