Transparency Bd for wealth scrutiny of polls candidates

Dhaka, Dec 3 – Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) on Sunday called for properly scrutinizing the wealth statements submitted to the Election Commission (EC) by the candidates of the upcoming 11th parliamentary poll. In a statement issued yesterday, the Berlin-based watchdog asked to take stern legal actions against those whose wealth statements have discrepancies and misinformation.
Dr Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of TIB said, “Before every election, the aspiring candidates submit their wealth statements which as public representatives is very important for them to ensure transparency. Through various media reports, we come to know that some of their wealth has increased abnormally. It is very important to check and find out whether they amass the wealth in a lawful manner.”
Iftekharuzzaman aid, it is the duty of the Election Commission to scrutinize the wealth statement properly and to find out the source of such wealth. If there is a breech of laws in amassing such wealth by any of the candidates, then the EC should take appropriate measures.”
He said the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) should also play its part by checking and identifying the source of the wealth. “The ACC should aid EC in scrutinizing the wealth statement. Both the Commission should commence their duties impartially without giving any specific political party any favor.”
Along with the candidates, the authorities concerned should also look into the family members and find out the wealth registered under their names, said Iftekharuzzaman adding: “It is very important to scrutinize the wealth of the family members and to find out whether there is an abnormal growth of wealth.”
The chief of the watchdog said, the recent statement of the ACC Chairman on scrutinizing the wealth statement of the candidates has inspired us. “We hope the ACC will play its due part.” – Staff Reporter