UK asked to send Bnp Sr vice chairman Tarique back

Bangladesh’s foreign minister has written to his British counterpart to send back BNP Senior Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman.
His deputy, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam, confirmed  the news on Friday. Law minister Anisul Huq also said this to a section of the media. The letter was sent on Wednesday.
Alam said the foreign ministry also asked Bangladesh mission in London to report back the latest status of Tarique, following court orders.
Tarique who faces corruption charges has been living in London since 2008 after being released on parole during the military-backed caretaker government. He was declared “absconding” by a Dhaka court trying him for money laundering charges. Another court earlier aquitted tarique of money laundering charges.But, of late, Tarique made headlines with remarks on Bangladesh’s history.
After that the High Court banned broadcast, publication and dissemination of his speeches and statements “as long as he is fugitive in the eyes of law”.
The court had earlier asked the foreign ministry to take measures to bring back Tarique.
The British High Commissioner in Dhaka and the ministers who in recent years visited Bangladesh never spoke about the BNP leader’s status.
“It’s the policy of the UK government not to speak about immigration of any individual” – was their answer to the local media. –