Blockade unconstitutional, acts of sabotage will be stopped: IGP

Terming blockade is ‘unconstitutional,’ Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Haque has said they will stop acts of sabotage and terror with the help of people.
Making similar assertion, RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed has said like in 2013, this time too the ‘unjust war’ will be dealt with firmly.
They made the remarks on Friday at a view-exchange programme after inspecting the site at Rongpur’s Mithapukur where a bus was torched killing five passengers.At the programme held at Mithapukur Girls High School ground, the police chief said, “Blockade is against the constitution. Holding people to ransom in the name of blockade is undemocratic.”
In this context, he pointed out that except for the reasonable restrictions imposed by the law, under Article 36 of the Constitution the citizens had the rights to move freely in any place.
Stating that emergence of ‘war criminal forces’ was ‘dangerous’ for the country, Shahidul Haque said, “setting vehicles on fire and killing people by hurling petrol bombs are not expected of a genuine political party.”
Though law and order situation in the country had become normal after the last year’s general elections, recent agitations by BNP and its allies have once again triggered political violence across the country.
There have been regular incidents of bomb blasts and torching of vehicles amid the ongoing nonstop countrywide blockade enforced by the BNP for the past 13 days demanding a snap election under a non-partisan government.
On Tuesday midnight, five persons were burnt alive when a bus was set ablaze at Mithapukur.
The IGP and the DG of RAB handed over a cheque of Tk 50,000 to Nilufa Begum, whose husband Rahim Badsha died in the incident, and of Tk 10,000 to Hasi Begum, whose husband Anwar Hossain sustained burn injuries.
Haque also promised Rahim Badsha’s son a job in the police.
In the name of politics, these acts of violence were being carried out to thwart war crimes trials and national progress, the police chief said.
“Those who dreamt of Pakistan and do not want Bangladesh are trying to create a failed state by indulging in violence and anarchy,” he added.
The RAB chief Ahmed said there was no place in the country for those who in the name of politics indulged in violence and killed people.
The BGB Director General Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed on Thursday had also warned that his force would not hesitate to shoot the bombers to protect people’s lives. –