Unjust move for solving crisis has led to disaster: Charmonai Pir

The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim has said that a participatory and credible election was the only solution to the current political impasse prevailing in the country.
Also the Ameer of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh, the Pir Shaheb said that the government and the opposition were doing politics standing on corpses after burning people. The peace-loving people of Bangladesh cannot accept this. Only a credible election can give proper solution to the muddy political atmosphere, the Pir Shaheb said.Mufti Rezaul Karim was exchanging views with some responsible persons at the Charmonai Madrash on Monday. He said that there was no alternative to dialogue to overcome the current political crisis.
The Pir Shabeb said that a political crisis is prevailing in the country; its solution should also be political. A great disaster has set in motion as attempts have been made to face the situation in an unjust way. Production, development and the economy have come to a standstill, the education and the heath care system are facing threats, he said.
The Ameer of IAB said the political crisis had made the public life so much hostage that the ordinary toiling people have to pass their days unfed or half fed. He said that the officers-employees were playing party roles forgetting their identities as employees of the republic. The incumbents are using the administration as their tool to make power secure. Bangladesh would soon prove to be a failed state if this state of affairs continued, the Pir Shaheb cautioned, said a press release.
Meanwhile, Moulana ATM Hemayetuddin, president, Dhaka city unit of IAB, has said that the people should rally against the creators of the prevailing political crisis with the spirit of the Ekushey.
Addressing a discussion meeting on the International Mother Language Day at the Purana Paltan office auditorium of the party, he said that alien culture was intruding due to weakness of the ruling class. Instead of promotion of indigenous culture alien culture was being imported into the country. He said that those who tried to snatch the right to mother language were enemies of humanity. He said that the people would face the neo-atheists, with the same sprit with which they had defeated the enemies of humanity to establish Bangla language, the Press release added.