Verdict disqualifies Molla of ‘division’ facility in jail

The special privileges or division that Jamaat-e- Islami stalwart Abdul Quader Molla had been enjoying in jail has been revoked after the International Crimes Tribunal-2 sentenced him to life in prison for his war crimes in 1971.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Islamist party looked ‘very depressed’ on Thursday after he was dressed like other inmates, Kashimpur Jail (Unit-2) Superintendent Subhash Chandra Ghosh told reporters.

Molla had flashed a “V” sign while getting into a car after the verdict on Tuesday.

Enraged by the ‘light’ punishment, cultural and political activists and youngsters, mostly university students and bloggers, have been venting anger on the social networking sites and blogs. People started converging at Shahbagh intersection in the heart of the capital since Tuesday afternoon.

They observed candle-light vigil through the last two nights. The protest has already spread across the country.

After the verdict, Molla was taken to the Unit-2 of the Dhaka Central Jail at Kashimpur in Gazipur on Thursday noon.

Molla, widely known as ‘Butcher of Mirpur’ during the Liberation War, was at Kashimpur Jail during the trial. He was brought to Dhaka the day before the verdict.

Jail Superintendent Ghosh said since Molla was convicted of crimes that disqualified one from getting division in jail, all his special privileges were revoked as per the prisons rules.

“He was sent to a common cell with the dignity and dress of general inmates around 1:30pm. Now he will be enjoying the facilities that the common inmates do.”

After his arrest, Molla was sent to the Dhaka Central Jail on July 19 2010, and shifted to the Kashimpur Jail on June 24 2011.

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