Vessels to ply at half capacity, fares to be increased

Dhaka, Mar 31: Vessels will carry passengers half of their capacities and maintain health guidelines to curb the transmission of Covid-19.State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury disclosed this on Wednesday after a meeting at the Ministry of Shipping.
The fares of river transports will be increased from Thursday and the new rates of fares will be fixed after a meeting with river transport owners today, he said.
The state minister said passengers have to get on the launch in compliance with the health rules and legal action will be taken if the health rules are not followed.
He also added that number of vessels will also be increased alongside fare hike.
The state minister warned that punitive action will be taken against launches owners if they charge more than the amount which would be fixed by the ministry or carry additional passengers.
The carrying of all types of covered vans and trucks in ferries except those carrying essential goods will remain stopped for three days before Eid and the restriction will continue till three days after Eid, said the state minister.
Roads from Sadarghat to Bahadur Shah Park should be kept free from traffic jams and Sadarghat terminals and launches should be kept hawker-free, said the state minister.
Passengers traveling on the waterways can contact BIWTA hotline number: 18113 for any emergency and service related matters, reports UNB.