World`s smallest 6,800mAh battery!

Innergie, a consumer power solutions company with an office in Singapore, launched the world`s smallest 6,800mAh battery pack with PocketCell Duo.

PocketCell Duo is the world`s smallest, lightest and most powerful rechargeable battery pack in its class, according to an Innergie spokesperson. Weighing 133g and 1-inch thick, it is just slightly bigger than your business card.

It has two 2.1Amp USB power ports that allows users to fast charge two devices simultaneously. Cerified to work with Apple iOS devices as well as Android tablets and smartphones, it is capable of extending power for an iPad by up to 7 hours or an Android smartphone by up to 30 hours.

The battery pack also comes with Innergie`s convenient Magic Cable Trio cable that has an integrated three-in-one Apple 30-pin, micro and mini USB connectors. It is available in North America for US$99.99 ($122) and will launch in Singapore by March with pricing yet to be announced.

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