Worst for 4 days, Dhaka ranks 3rd worst in Air Quality Index

Dhaka, 21 Nov – Bangladesh’s capital city was ranked third-worst in the Air Quality Index (AQI) on Thursday. Dhaka had a score of 199 at 9 am, indicating that the air quality was ‘unhealthy’.
In the index, Pakistan’s Lahore, and India’s Delhi occupied the first and second positions with a score of 417 and 338 respectively.
The air quality is categorised as good when the AQI score remains between 0-50 while the air is moderate when the number is 51-100.
When the score is between 101 and 150, the air is classified as unhealthy for sensitive groups. But a score between 151 and 200 means that the air is unhealthy and when the number is between 201 and 300, the air is classified as very unhealthy.
The AQI, an index for reporting daily air quality, tells people how clean or polluted the air of a certain city is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for them.
Bangladesh’s overcrowded capital has been grappling with air pollution for a long time. – UNB