India installing solar lamps in Sidr Core Shelters

DHAKA: Following the Sidr cyclone that hit the South Western part of

Bangladesh, the then External Affairs Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee,

in November 2007, announced that India would construct shelters for

cyclone victims in 11 villages in Bagerhat District.

Accordingly, Government of India started construction of 2800 shelters

for cyclone victims in August 2010 at a cost of Taka 36.16 crore.

The first lot of 1,600 shelters was handed over on July 9, 2011.

Construction of 2,649 shelters was completed in December 2011 and

being handed over.

151 houses could not be completed in the first phase due to

non-identification of beneficiaries. In September 2012, the remaining

list of 151 names was obtained, and construction is in progress.  The

project will be fully implemented by January 2013.

Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh during his visit to

Bangladesh in September 2011 in addition announced that India would

provide 2800 solar lamps to the beneficiaries of the Sidr cyclone


The project is in advanced stage of implementation. The first

installation has already been made at Morelganj, Bagerhat District in

December 2012.

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