Sammilta Parishad wins BGMEA polls

Sammilta Parishad has swept the election to BGMEA, the apparel sector’s trade body, bagging 21directors’ posts out of 27.

The Parishad leaders bagged 15 posts from Dhaka zone while six from that of Chittagong.

Panel leader Atiqul Islam, M Sajjadur Rahman Mridha, SM Mannan, Mahbubur Rahman, Abul Kalam, Shahidullah Azim, KM Rafiqul Islam, Nasir Uddin, Moshiul Azam, Syed Sadik Ahmed, Azmat Rahman, Reaz Bin Mahmud, Abdullah Baki and Arshad Jamal were elected from Dhaka Zone.

Nasir Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, M Abdul Wahab, Sheikh Sadi, Anjan Shekhor Das, Sabbir Mostafa and Sayed Nazrul Islam were elected from Chittagong.

Those elected from Forum panel are panel leader Mahmud Hasan Khan Babu, Abdulah Al Mahmud, Ferdous Parvez, MA Rahim Firoz and Bidya Amrit Khan. The only winner from Chittgaong is M Mohiuddin Chowdhury.

The vote counting of the biennial election to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) began on Sunday evening after peaceful simultaneous voting in Dhaka and Chittagong BGMEA Bhabans earlier in the day.

President of the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Election Commissioner of the BGMEA polls Jahangir Alamin declared the results.

General members of the BGMEA started casting their votes at 8am on the day and it continued till 5pm Sunday without any break, with additional one hour following heavy voter turnout. The vote casting was originally scheduled to end at 4pm.

A total of 2,259 voters cast their votes in Dhaka while 554 in Chittagong to pick the future leaders of the trade body for the next two-year term (2013-2014).

BGMEA is the apex trade body of the readymade garment sector, a major foreign currency earner of the country.

Fifty-four candidates from two panels — Sammilta Parishad and Forum – were in the election race.

In the two panels, 40 candidates from Dhaka zone and 14 from Chittagong zone contested for 27 posts of directors of the executive committee — 20 from the Dhaka zone and seven from the Chittagong zone.

The Sammilta Parishad was led by Atiqul Islam, a former vice president, while the Forum led by Mahmud Hasan Khan Babu.

There were 3,196 voters this year. Of them, 2592 are from Dhaka and 604 from Chittagong.

According to the guideline, the elected directors (27) will select one president and four vice-presidents to run the association for two years.

Among the vice-presidents, one is elected from Chittagong region while others from Dhaka region. UNB

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