Dhaka bid to canvass global support

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni says she will write to her counterparts to give them ‘correct information’ about the current situation in Bangladesh.

“I have written them on various occasions … even before and after setting up the tribunals (for trying war crimes). This is also part of that process,” she said replying to a question at a press briefing on Monday.

The briefing had been organised to inform the media about the Global Leadership Meeting for Population Dynamics, to be held in Dhaka from Tuesday.

The minister said a vested group was at work to create confusion by presenting ‘false information and distorting pictures’.

“So, it is very natural that the government will give the correct information,” she said.

Moni, however, did not specify the number of countries they would get in touch with.“ (We’ll write to) many countries,” she said.

Replying to a question, Moni, also a Joint General Secretary of the ruling Awami League, said the government had kept the doors for dialogue open.

“Parliament is the best place for discussions. But it can take place anywhere,” she said.

She said there might be differences of opinion and ways, and that is where the ‘beauty’ of democracy lies.“But those who prefer violence don’t want solutions,” she said and that it harms the country.

“No one wants to do harm to his country. Only those who did not want this country to be born can do harm to the country,” she said. bdnews24.com

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