Textbook distribution from Jan 1


Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Wednesday said textbook

distribution among the students of primary and secondary schools,

Ebtedai Madrasa (primary level) and Dakhil Madrasa (secondary level),

and vocational institutions for the academic year 2013 will begin

across the country on the first day of the next year.

The minister at a press conference at his office said the government

this year planned to distribute some 170 million copies of textbooks

printed under the new curriculum among 36,886,172 students.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will formally inaugurate the free

distribution of textbooks among the students of class I-IX at a simple

ceremony at her official residence Gana Bhaban on Dec 31 at 10am.

She will hand over a set of books to one student of each class up to

class IX under general, madrasa and technical education boards.

The Education Minister will open the Textbook Festival Day at the capital’s Residential Model School and College on Jan 1 at 11am by distributing new textbooks to the students.

Nahid said that this year 107,862,714 books would be distributed free of cost among primary level students, 17,201,040 among the Ebtedai students, 114,821,331 among secondary level students, 20,595,540 among the Ebtedai and Dakhil madrasa students and 13,28,481 books among the

vocational students.

“The students will go to the schools with empty hands on Jan 1 and they will return home with new textbooks in their hands. Besides, textbooks can also be downloaded free of cost on the very first day of

the next year from the government’s ebook website www.ebook.gov.bd and the website of the National Curriculum and Textbooks Board (NCTB) ww.nctb.gov.bd.”

The Education Minister urged the guardians not to buy textbooks meant for free distribution from markets.

“In the past, textbooks couldn’t be found despite making payments. The

dropout rate of students in the schools has reduced remarkably due to

the free textbooks. The number of students has also increased. No one

should have any doubts about getting textbooks on Jan 1.”

Nahid said the textbooks were being reached the concerned educational

institutions across the country by 10,507 trucks.

Action would be taken if the NGO-run schools and unauthorised

kindergartens forced the students to buy textbooks beyond the

government-fixed textbooks, he warned.

“The ministry itself will prepare a list of the schools forcing the

students to buy additional books. Steps will be taken against the


Education Minister Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury told the press

conference that three more books were added the secondary curriculum

this year. Comprehensive system was reflected in the new textbooks.

He said that almost 94.63 percent textbooks had already reached the

upazila level by Monday while the remaining would reach by the end of

the month.

The Education Minister said that 111 textbooks were prepared by 1,401

teachers, educationalists and researchers for the primary and

secondary education as per the new curriculum this year.

The government has been distributing textbooks free of cost among the

primary and secondary level students since 2010.

NCTB Chairman Prof Mostafa Kamal Uddin was also present at the press

conference, among others.

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