20-Party blasts Rab, Bgb chiefs for ‘audacious biased’ remarks

The BNP-led 20-party alliance yesterday lambasted the chiefs of police, Rapid Action Battalion and Border Guard Bangladesh for what it said their audacious and biased remarks.
They (law enforcers officials) must have been suspended and brought to justice for their illegal, beyond jurisdiction remarks and breach of discipline had there been a representative government in the country, the alliance said in statement.
The statement signed by BNP vice-chairman Selima Rahman, said “Extreme partisan persons have been posted at the topmost level of different law enforcement agencies and they barely follow their jurisdiction and service rules.Pointing at remarks of IGP and Rab DG at Mithapukr, the statement said just like politicians they gave political statements there.
“They threatened people and the opposition and warned them of dire consequences for waging movement against the government. They even commented on when the next election will be held.”
The statement also said the chiefs of police and Rab have been talking like with the ruling party’s agenda by threatening top level leaders of the opposition.
The statement also said earlier the BGB chief had also threatened the anti-government agitators in the same way.
”Such incidents are beyond imagination in a civilised, independent and democratic country. We extremely deplore such audacious and biased behaviour of those government service men who get their salaries from the hard earned tax income of the people.”
“We call upon those law enforcement officials who are engaged in competition of becoming beneficiaries and nurtured high ambitious to join politics by dropping uniform,” said the statement.
The BGB director general Maj Gen Abdul Aziz on Thursday said the paramilitary force deployed to maintain law and order would use “lethal weapons” to save the life and property of the people.
The Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Haque lambasted Khaleda Zia saying they had seiged schools, colleges and madrasas and burned those before the January 5, 2014 to stop the national election.
“You [BNP-led alliance] had killed people, presiding officers and had prevented people from exercising their voting rights. Why? You have made the mistake. Why will people compensate for (your mistake)? What people can expect from the chief of a political party [BNP] if she herself got engaged in illegal activities,” the Police boss said.
In the same programme, the Rab boss Benazir Ahmed said the ‘evil forces would be dealt with an iron hand as they had been in 2013  and remarked that the next election will be held as per the schedule and people will exercise their voting rights. – Staff Reporter