20-Party doubtful about free, fair city election

The Bnp-led 20-Party Alliance gas expressed its doubts and anxiety about free and fair elections in the cities of Dhaka and Chittagong on 28 April.
20-Party spokesman Barkatullah Bulu said in a statement issued to the press on Wednesday that the Election commission was unconcerned about taking legal steps against free movement violation of election rules by ‘terrorists and looters’ belonging to the ruling party, ministers and MPs as well as their candidates.He said as a result the voters and average citizens were afraid if free and fair elections would be held in the city corporations of Dhaka and Chittagong.
He said that those who are now in power were using the public administration, the law enforcing agencies and the media under their control to hide their own misdeeds. Thus in the event of an unexpected development in the social and political arena they spread imaginary stories of the involvement of opposition political parties.
Barkatullah Bulu expressed concen at what he termed as fabricated propaganda of implicating the Bnp in the eviction of a Hindu family in Taltala in Barguna district.
He said that the people of the locality claim that it was the work of the people belonging to the ruling party. Bulu said it has become a demand of the time to prepare a complete statement on how many properties of the minority community were grabbed by people be longing to the Awami League since the Independence of Bangladesh.
He claimed that in 2014 homes of minorities were grabbed or looted in various districts including Pabna ‘at the instance of the government’ which, he said, was proved subsequently. He said because of this tendency of looting property people are witnessing tender hijacking and the grabbing of canals, creeks and rivers, government land, and such news fill newspapers everyday.
Bulu alleged that after indulging in corruptions like looting money, property, bank-capital, share markets, even positions held by opposition leaders are also being grabbed. The law and order has broken down because of the use of the law enforcing agencies as extension of the party in power. Murders are taking place one after another. The people want an escape from this misrule, he said.
He said that the movement of the 20-Party Alliance was meant for emancipation of the people. He said that the people would definitely establish their freedom of speech and expression, right to voting, rights as citizens and establish rule of law to free the country from autocratic rule and impasse. Bulu thanked the people on behalf of Khaleda Zia for holding demonstration across the country peacefully. – Press release