3 Juba Dal activists injured in Magura police firing

Three Juba Dal activists received bullet injures when police opened fire on a procession at Salikha Upazila under Magura district on Saturday. Local Juba Dal leaders said the firing was unprovoked. Police however said that shots were fired when processionists pelted brickbats at police vehicles.
The Juba Dal activists who received bullet injuries are: Shahar Ali and Alamgir Hossain of Panchkaunia village, and Fariduddin of village Harishpur.Mona Sardar, joint convener of Salikha Upazila Juba Dal informed journalists that about 800 Bnp leaders and workers brought out a peaceful procession in Simkhali Bazar. When the procession was passing by the Janata Bank branch members of police led by OC Biplab Kumar opened about 30 shots without any provocation injuring the three Juba Dal workers. At the time police picked up about 40 activists from the procession, he said.
He complained that a procession of Chhatra League in the evening ransacked 5 shops owned by supporters of Bnp and Jamaat in the presence of police.
Police Super Zihadul Kabir however said that said that police led by OC Biplab Kumar Nath fired three chinese rifle rounds and four shotgun rounds on a procession of Juba Dal and Chhatra Dal when vehicles belonging to police came inder brickbat attack at Simkhali Bazaar at about 5 pm. He said micreasnts sanscaked the OC’s car. Police arested one Khwaja Doctor from the spot, he added.